Neo Japanese Tattoos

Gallery of Neo Japanese tattoos that can be filtered by subject, body part and size.

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Neo Japanese expands upon traditional Japanese motifs but with more western influences, especially from the American traditional and neo traditional styles.

鈥淣eo Japanese鈥 is not a universally accepted term in tattoo communities. It arose primarily to offer distinction between pre- and post-WWII Japanese tattooing. The pre-WWII art styles and techniques are still prevalent today. However, following the 1948 decriminalization of tattooing in Japan, new influences and more diversity entered the trade.

Western tattoo techniques and machines of the later 20th century offered some Japanese artists a chance to loosen the rules around line work, shading and color schemes. These modifications were, arguably, inspired by American tattoo movements. The Neo Japanese motifs and compositions, however, still tend to honor traditional history.

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