Small Tattoos

Tattoos between 1 inch (2.5 cm) and 3 inches (7.5 cm) approximately, that you can filter by subject, style and body part, and order by date or score.

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As with any other community, the tattoo industry is also a victim of trends, and for a few years now the popularity of small tattoos has increased exponentially. Besides those who want to wear their tattoos with discretion, the success of these small pictorials may be due to the fact that almost anything that is reduced to the size of a thimble, be it a pet, a flower or a word, automatically looks adorable.

The increase in popularity of these tattoos is, in large part, due to a current from South Korea, a country where getting tattoos is not only frowned upon, but is literally illegal. Having access to smaller and easier-to-hide tattoos allowed the tattoo community in South Korea to gain momentum as never before, which led to the rise in popularity of artists such as Sol, Playground and Doy, as well as worldwide exposure for their art.

Sometimes people are nervous and intimidated by the thought of getting a big tattoo, and are more likely to start off small. As tattooing has reached the masses and become more accesible, most of the artists will have no problem to work in a small sized tattoo, but don't be surprised if an artist refuses to ink you if a tattoo is not as big as they want. Some artists will only accept large projects. Besides, it's a real skill to do something that's both artistic and legible, the size of a coin.

A small and simple tattoo is great for anyone who is curious as to how the actual process of getting tattooed feels. It may help you gauge your pain tolerance before committing to a larger piece. It is very common for people to want a small piece as a new member of the tattooed community.

Little tattoos don't take much time to get, so for anyone who's worried about the process and the pain from tattoo needles, that may be a big draw.

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