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Mountain View



August 29, 2015 · Four months after getting the tiger tattoo, Conor McGregor went back to Sideshow Tattoo Venice Beach and got his surname "McGregor" and his nickname "Notorious" on top and below the tiger. The artist in charge was Pin.


April 14, 2015 · Conor McGregor added a tiger tattoo to his belly, by Pin at Sideshow Tattoo Venice Beach. Tattoo Filter talked to the studio owner about the story behind the tattoo: "Conor McGregor was a walk in. He just came in and asked if we can tattoo a tiger on his stomach. He said he was a UFC fighter... but at that time we didn't know of him. Then all of a sudden we were like 'WOW, he's a bad ass!." We gave Pin the tattoo to do because we thought he was best suited for it."


November 27, 2013 · Mystic Man has a traditional style gorilla head wearing a crown and eating a heart across his chest. It took three sessions to complete, and the artist in charge was once again Amanda Bonhomme at Third Street Tattoo in Hermosa Beach. About its meaning, McGregor said: "I just like the way it looks."


October 15, 2013 - January 8, 2014 · Conor got a forearm piece that took three sessions to complete. In the first session the whole outlining was completed, but only the front of his left forearm, covered in a rose bush with a clock showing 3.35pm, was colored. The front of the forearm also includes the motto "slow is smooth, smooth is fast." The right outer side of the forearm features a gentleman with a top hat. There is a small stick figure in a boxing pose, the logo of a brand by the name of Dethrone, to which McGregor is related to. The whole tattoo was inked by tattoo artist Amanda Bonhomme at Third Street Tattoo in Hermosa Beach.


Running down his back, from the base of the crucifix to the bottom of his back, McGregor has a helix of thorns. It's not known when or why he got that one.


Long before he became a UFC star, the 26-year-old had some Arabic writing tattooed on the back of his left leg — which McGregor says was the result of an old holiday in Cyprus — but he’s not too sure what it actually means. This is what he told reporters: “This was when I was drunk. That was my first. It could mean anything. Arabic writing was the thing for a while, it was the cool thing to do. I was following the trend back then. Maybe one day I’ll get that covered up, I don’t know. I got it in Ayia Napa. It was like a party kind of… I was young and on holiday. It cost me €20.”

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