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Every person is different when it comes to pain, tolerances and thresholds vary from person to person. Even sometimes factors such as age and sex can contribute, but generally speaking, anything on the torso, back or front, is going to be really painful. Most people with a chest tattoo will agree that this area is really painful. Specially the sternum area, which will feel like you are being sliced open. According to tattooers, women often feel more pain in certain front torso areas. The breast area can be really quite painful for example. In general terms, men have a higher pain tolerance with torso tattoos than women.

However, unless you're up for a blackout chest tattoo once you get bored with your old one, you better sleep on this for a while. Getting lyrics or somebody's name on your chest it can be considered risky.

According to researchers from the University of Chicago, 11% of tattooed females have a tattoo on their chest.

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