date_range SEP 10 - 12

Cyan Tattoo Invitational 2021

room Dayton Convention Center

directions 22 E 5th St, 45402, Dayton, Montgomery County



The Cyan Tattoo Invitational 2021

Was born from the vision of tattoo artist and shop owner Josh Wiley of Dayton, Ohio. Upon sharing this vision, Josh recruited the help of Harley and Matt who foster the same passion for the world of tattooing and wanted to help make this show a reality.

Having traveled to many conventions and shows across the country made it apparent that the talent, competition, and fun each event offers is hard to resist. We wanted to bring a big dose of this world to Southern Ohio to celebrate and share these elements that make tattooing so great.

Cyan Tattoo Invitational has invited some of the best talent the industry has to offer to create an event to showcase their craft. Along with their art, we look forward to enjoying the friendships, competition, and enthusiast that make each gathering so much fun.

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