date_range JUN 28 - 30

11th Ink At The Bay

room Salinas Sports Complex

directions 1034 N Main St, 93906, City of Salinas, Monterey County



Join us for our 11th Annual Ink at The Bay.

A vibrant and dynamic event, Ink at the Bay Tattoo Convention is an annual celebration of tattoo artistry and culture that brings together tattoo enthusiasts, artists, and industry professionals. The tattoo community uses this convention as a platform for idea sharing, creativity, and self-expression.

Ink at the Bay fosters a sense of community among visitors in addition to artistic excellence. In addition to sharing their love of body art and potentially getting inked by their idols, tattoo aficionados can connect with like-minded people. For those who value tattoos’ beauty and meaning, the convention serves as a gathering place, creating a bond among attendees that lasts through the event.

Tattoo artists can display their finest creations and vie for awards in a number of categories during the tattoo competitions held during the convention. Friendly competition is added, encouraging artists to explore new creative frontiers and present their abilities to a wider audience.

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