date_range NOV 06

2nd Tattoo Sunday Brugge Vol. 2

room Studio Hall

directions Boogschutterslaan 41, 8130, Bruges, Arrondissement Brugge



Tattoo Sunday Brugge 2022

So, as everyone guessed – Tomorrow shouldve been the TSB show again. But….

We feel its just not the right time for putting on events right this minute, why give people an excuse to ‘herd’ (leaving the mistakes to the Govt, but enough about politics…!☺️), and why put on an event where the fun/atmosphere has been sucked out of it even before doors are open, & it has to be organised under duress…..?!

Luckily we dont organise the show for financial profit (one of very few shows in the world ???), but for the enjoyment of bringing top quality Tattooing for everyone to see.

And our Friends from the UK not being able to travel so easy at the moment, the show wouldnt be the same without them…..

So for this reason its gonna be 2022…..

Be Sensible, Keep Safe People….

-Tattoo Sunday Brugge

A one-day tattoo convention in the heart of the beautiful city of Brugge in Belgium. Started in 2009.

Entrance ticket 5 Euro.

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