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Wrist Tattoos That Will Make You Want to Get Inked Immediately

Since you can make them as obvious or as tucked away as you like, wrist tattoos are a pretty and subtle way to dip your toe into the tattoo trend

Small Tattoos in Placement

Whether you choose the tiniest dots, your zodiac sign, a specific constellation or an evil eye, Tattoofilter has a wealth of wrist-tattoo ideas to inspire your next inking.

We've trawled the wrist tattoo gallery to bring you the 17 chicest wrist tattoos. We've also found some white tattoo examples if you're up for a more unusual design. Once you've checked these out, be sure to take a look at our gallery of minimalist tattoos, helix tattoos and these tiny tattoo ideas for people who love discretion. But for now, keep scrolling to see the best wrist tattoos out there.

Flying bird

We the humans have always been fascinated by birds because of their ability to fly.


Here鈥檚 a beautiful and discreet literary tattoo for the laid-back bookworm.


One of the most popular mystical creatures that people are endeared with is unicorns.

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Pine Tree Tattoo

This pine tree design looks great with or without wrist complements.

Single Needle flowers

A sprig of flowers tucks nicely on the inner wrist or the side if you want to put it on show.

White Tattoo

A white tattoo looks seriously subtle.

Lightning Bolt Tattoo

We like this very much indeed.

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Alive Tattoo

You don't have to choose 'Alive,' but having a word that's meaningful to you makes for a great wrist tattoo.

Zodiac Symbols

Zodiac symbols make great wrist tattoos. Find yours in the handy Zodiac symbol tattoo gallery here.

Wave Tattoo

This intricate wave design looks great on the inner wrist.

Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Whatever design you choose, if you want it to be hidden, placing it on the inner wrist is a nifty idea.

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Okay, you don't have to get two wings, but it definitely helps when you want to match.

Lavender Tattoo

Want a color tattoo? How about these sprigs of lavender?

Traveller Tattoo

Sometimes the best souvenirs are the ones you keep with you always.

Palm Tree Tattoo

We love palm trees almost as much as we love a pineapple, so we might end up getting both.

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Dog Paw

This simple paw outline design is too pretty for words.

Constellation Inking

We're obsessed with this Taurus constellation design. Find your constellation tattoo here.

Tiny Pixel Heart

This tiny heart is the most low-key wrist tattoo out there.

Windy Tree

Sometimes you want something a bit more playful, and this inking might be just the ticket.

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Baby's Breath Tattoo

Is there anything sweeter than this baby's breath tattoo?

Rocket Tattoo

There's something very cool about this rocket inking.

Rose tattoo

There鈥檚 something about a small rose tattoos that just oozes elegance and sophistication.


Knotted ropes have been a mainstay of the art of tattooing for generations

Can't decide which wrist tattoo to go for? Why not go for more than one?

Want more ink inspiration? Check out these small and seriously pretty wrist tattoos.

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