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Tiny Tattoos for the Minimalist in You

These tattoos are so small and adorable that even the most adamant tattoo-haters will learn to love them and the most ink-shy will want to get them.

Little Tattoos in Ideas

Whoever told you that bigger was better was a liar, at least if they were talking about body art. Great things come in small packages, and thanks to some insanely talented tattooers who have found a way to be innovative working with a single needle, minimalistic teeny weeny tattoos have become very popular in the last decade.

A few years ago it would have been impossible to imagine the level of detail that some artists are able to pack into such a tiny spot. You really have to tip your hat to the artists in this gallery.

Check the following collection of subtle micro tattoos that are sure to get the mom seal of approval, because no matter how old you are, we all want to impress our dear, sweet mothers.

Birds on a wire. Get a similar temporary tattoo version here.

Infinity symbol.

Tiny cactus.

Tiny ladybug.

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Micro arrow

Minimalist swallow.

Tiny ampersand.

Color dots.

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Sailboat tat.

Single needle bulb cross.

We are all equal.

Line rose.

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Minimal feather.

Lovely elephant.

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Micro palm.

Scissor outline.

Minimalist Gemini constellation.

Laurel wreath.

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Minimalist thumb ring.

Tiny heart.

Flying bird couple.

Matching sun and moon tattoos.

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Dotwork ribbon.

Minimalist lotus.

Tiny flying paper plane.

Little cat.

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Cute paw.

Deathly Hallows.

鈥淟ove鈥 tattoo on the wrist.

Ant tattoo.

If you liked any of these minimalistic pieces, be sure to check out the artist's Tattoofilter profile. And if you want to get a minimalistic micro-tattoo of your own, don't hesitate to contact your favourite tattooer.

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