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Tattoo Masters: Doy

Seoul-based tattooist Doy's signature tattoos are so detailed and delicate that the fear of commitment disappears the moment you see his amazing designs

Little Tattoos in Spotlights

Doy is without a doubt one of the top tattooist in South Korea, and probably in the whole world. Graduated in Master of Visual Design from University of Seoul, Doy's signature style involves delicate fine lines, micro-realism as well as watercolor tattoos. He also uses the hand poke tattoo technique every once in a while.

Besides being in collaboration with world renowned sports brand PUMA, he was also on the judges of Ningbo Tattoo Convention in 2017 and the China International Tattoo Festival a couple of times.

His tattoos are like a breath of fresh air in an industry full of big and bold designs. Even if you are not the type who likes tattoos, Doy’s designs just might change your mind. Scroll down to check them out.

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