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Tattoo Artists You Should Know: Dr. Woo

Let Brian Woo AKA Dr. Woo stun you with his impressively detailed tattoos of almost anything, executed with his sought-after signature single needle technique

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Dr Woo is globally recognized for his signature single needle tattoos, as well as his personal style. He broke into the tattoo scene in 2008 when the legendary tattoo icon Mark Mahoney invited him to apprentice at Shamrock Social Club in West Hollywood, CA.

After a three-year apprenticeship, Dr. Woo spent another six years tattooing some of the worldโ€™s most sought after influencers alive. He is currently working at his own private studio in L.A., although he still be doing appointments every now and then out of Shamrock.

Today heโ€™s one of the most in-demand in the world, but despite his notability, Dr. Woo sticks to his own principles and refused to give special treatment to the celebrities who got themselves their own Dr. Woo pieces.

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If you like his work, and want to check some more take a look at this. You will also find his contact info.

Updated 2019/03/15

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