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Disney Tattoos That Minimalist Fans Will Love

If you’re after Disney tattoo inspiration, but want to show off your love for these fantastical worlds by sticking to something small and subtle, we’ve got you covered.

Little Tattoos in Ideas

Calling all fans of The Little Mermaid, Bambi, Dumbo and The Lion King! Disney fans know their favorite movies will always be there when they need them, which makes any tattoo of the legendary entertainment company a good choice.

Here we highlight some of the best pieces that have been tattooed on the bodies of some of these fandoms’ biggest fans to jumpstart your thought process and get the inspiration flowing.

The Lion King

If you want to really show off your love for one of Disney's most successful classics, getting some permanent ink is always an option. This stunning minimalist tattoo outlines Simba, Pumbaa and Timon in a spotless single needle style.

101 Dalmatians

You know the story: Cruella De Vil chances upon a bunch of dalmatian puppies, three of them brought into the ultimate tattoo in the picture below, and decides that their skins will make her the perfect new coat.

Peter Pan

This piece by Korean tattooist Banul is a great example of a watercolor style Disney tattoo. Simplicity translates perfectly to this Peter Pan-inspired design. A small tattoo like this also could work on a variety of spots on your body.

Rose in a glass dome

There’s no reason a Beauty and the Beast tattoo can’t also be sexy. A rose in a glass dome like this will require a tattooer with great talent and a steady hand who can create flawless thin lines.


It’s hard not to love Disney's Alice in Wonderland, based on the Alice books by Lewis Carroll. She looks pretty amazing here, don’t you think?


This piece by Hong Kong based tattooist Mini Lau is another great example of a watercolor style Disney tattoo. It truly makes it look like Ariel is swimming in her kingdom.

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Another perfect example of an excellent cartoony tattoo with extraordinary detail. You can really see the lack of any worry on Simba’s face. Hakuna Matata, indeed!

Chip and Mr. Pots

The beauty of the Disney characters is the simplicity of their lines, thanks mostly to them being cartoons. You could easily get one of the characters tattooed on yourself in any size and not have to worry too much about the lines blurring over time. We love how this colorless design looks, giving it a minimalist twist on how Chip and Mr. Pots usually look.


You may not have a real life fawn at home, but you can get the next best thing and lighten yourself up with a lovely Bambi tattoo.


Who knew Stitch would also make such a pretty tattoo whether you're having it as a small colorless or a full-color design.


Embrace your Peter Pan side with a super cool Pinkerbell tattoo. What’s so great about this tattoo in particular is that it’s almost unnoticeable if you place it on the wrist. This kind of color palette would work well for any of the well-known Disney princesses.


Early in the film, when it is heavily raining, Rafiki is seen drawing a picture of Simba on the Ancient Tree's trunk. You can place a tattoo like this virtually anywhere on your body and do it either in color or black ink.

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Mickey Mouse

The iconic mouse has been the fun loving face of Walt Disney Studios ever since 1928. A true Disney classic, this Mickey tattoo stays true to the mouse’s original look.

The Aristocats

It’s hard to know which side to look at first on this matching The Aristocats tattoo located in both calves, featuring Toulouse and Berlioz. A small tattoo like this could also work as best friend or sister’s tattoos.


Winnie the Pooh is one of those great characters that any fan should be happy to have displayed on their body. This little guy also makes a great tattoo for someone who doesn’t take life too seriously.


Regardless of your favourite Disney classic, odds are you’ve also come to love Aladdin, the iconic animated film from 1992. Genie's lamp is a lovely idea!


You can't deny that Cinderella's Glass Slipper tattoo will make you feel like a princess. You can place a tattoo like this virtually anywhere on your body.


What makes this The Little Mermaid tattoo so lovely is not just the flawless linework but also how delicately Flounder is colored.

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Hakuna Matata

If you’re a The Lion King fan, why not go for your favorite quote? Check this example of a text-based tattoo. Anything that means something to you makes a great piece of body art, and you can have your tattoo artist write it out for you, write it yourself, or you can choose a font family online and print it out.


The lack of color makes the shapes pop as well. Designs like this Winnie-the-Pooh's Eeyore one will require a very skilled tattoo artist who can create such fine lines.

Mickey and Minnie

There are a lot of ways to turn your Disney passion into permanent ink, but have you considered matching tattoos? This Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse set would work for couples, BFFs, or family. There's something to consider with toe tattoos: they disappear within a few weeks.


Talking of Disney pairs, this sweet tattoo of Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo works just great as a mother-daughter tattoo. The same concept would also work for any other prince and princess pair.

Rose in a glass dome

Tattoos like this Beauty and The Beast inspired rose in a glass dome one will require a very skilled artist who can create such incredible level of detail. This tattoo style, known as microrealism or single needle, would work for any of your favorite Disney motif, but will translate best if you do a tattoo that’s in a location on your body that will hold the ink well.

Snow White

While the idea of a Disney character tattoo may seem a bit extreme for the everyday appreciator, there’s arguably no better way to show off your fandom than with some permanent ink, such as the Snow White design below.

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You’re never too old for your favorite Disney classic. The Jungle Book is one of those films that we’ve loved for years and will continue loving forever. This fun and intricate Baloo tattoo is a great way to show off your dedication to the movie.

The Little Mermaid

One of the most amazing things about Disney cartoons is the bright colors they employ. Thai artist Boom Zodat created this beautiful The Little Mermaid tattoo simply with a splash of watercolor, making it stand out from your standard colored-in artwork.

The Lion King

Just as the second tattoo on this list, this one also portrays a grown up Simba next to Pumbaa and Timon, in a sharp fine line style done with a single needle.

Disney castle

The fans of the American entertainment company know that the castle in the logo, modeled after Bavaria's Neuschwanstein Castle, will always be home, which makes any design of the Disney castle a good choice. Specially when tattooed in a discrete white ink.


Phrases can still fall into the tiny category, especially when they’re in minuscule-but-perfect script. A Cinderella quote will tell people the role that Disney played in your childhood upbringing before we tell them ourselves.


If you want a Disney tattoo, make sure you find an artist comfortable working with cartoon style tattoos. This largely black Minnie Mouse design is beyond stunning enhanced with just a pop of red.

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