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Lucy Hale Added An Artsy Tattoo To Her Growing Collection

The Pretty Little Liars star already has a bunch of dainty tattoos – she actually has 12 tattoos all up! – and she has added another to her collection

Lucy Hale got a Frédéric Forest design tat by tattooer Rob Green at Bang Bang Tattoo in Manhattan.

The tattoo features a signature Frédéric Forest drawing of the silhouette of a woman's body. The simple line drawing is seductive in a minimal kind of way, and it sits on the back of Lucy's arm, just above her elbow.

The Paris-based illustrator and designer is everywhere. Frédéric has already worked for international luxury firms, and his designs are very popular among the tattoo enthusiasts.

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Lucy Hale and Rob Green · Source: @robgreennyc

Lucy's other tattoos include a teeny tiny elephant she got during a trip to Cambodia in May this year, the initial ‘A’ for her PLL character Aria and a lightbulb on the back of her arm.

We love them all!

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