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Know Your Facts About Finger Tattoos Before Jumping On To The Bandwagon

Tattoos are loved by many men and women and they sport them on many parts of their bodies, but the current rage these days are the finger tattoos

Small Tattoos in Placement

These small finger tattoos look sweet and sexy and they have the power to attract the attention of others in your company. They come in all shapes and designs from script to small ornamental pieces. But there are some basic facts about these finger tattoos that you must know before you decide to go for one on your finger.

Be ready to experience a lot of pain

Yes, even though you like them a lot on the fingers of a celebrity or someone you know, you must remain prepared to experience a lot of pain when the tattoo artist makes the design on your finger. This is because your fingers have little flesh to act as a cushion and your fingers also have lots of nerve endings to hurt a lot when the tattoo is being made.

Do not be shocked to see it fade in quick time

You feel on top of the world after getting the cute tattoo made on your finger. But you get the shock of your life when you find that it has started to fade within a few weeks. This happens because skin over fingers regenerates a lot and also because you wash your hands much too often. The best you can do is to get a touch up after it has started to fade.

Neymarโ€™s tattoo on his left finger saying โ€œShhhโ€ฆโ€, done by Roberto Lopez. Photo on the left from February 15, 2015 (ยฉ Instagram). Photo on the right from December 12, 2015 (ยฉ globoesporte).

Stay away if you are a perfectionist

Finger tattoos, even though they look great when featured in certain artist's portfolio, do not turn out that good when created in reality. Perhaps this is because of the nature of the skin as inks do not shine brightly and colors look faded right after the tattoo has been made. So it is better for you to choose any other spot on your body if you are a perfectionist and not easily satisfied.

Go for designs that are simple

Because of the nature of the skin on the fingers, intricate designs or patterns do not turn out so great or look that beautiful. Rather than feeling cheated or disappointed with the tattoo or the money that you are spending, it is prudent to settle for simple designs and shapes that do not cause ink to break or bleed.

Check out the finger tattoo examples below:

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Keep these facts in mind to enjoy your finger tattoo for a long time. More amazing tattoos can be found in our finger tattoo gallery.

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