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Exclusive Interview: Juan Pedroza 1991 Ink

Colombian tattooer Juan Pedroza talks to Little Tattoos about changing career paths and concentrating his creativity into spreading love through minimalist style tattoos

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Choosing a great piece of art takes time and careful consideration. A tattoo, well, the fact it's permanent means it takes even more thinking. Even a person with a great sense of style sometimes needs a little inspiration to figure out what she wants and where.

So if fear of buyer's remorse has kept you from getting your first ink, why not start with something small? Small minimalist tattoos will never go out of style and just when you thought you've seen them all, an artist comes along just to prove you wrong. Juan Pedroza is one of them. The Colombian tattoo artist who is based in Bogotá but visits Miami regularly, is currently making waves with his brand of fine line tattoos. Little Tattoos talked to him to get to know more about this rising talent.

When did you decide to start your tattooing career?

I've worked as a graphic designer for 5 years. I tried everything: advertising, design, start ups, freelancing... and nothing filled me completely. So I decided to give up my profession and dedicate myself to music full time.

In the process of making music and creating my project I had the crazy idea of tattooing myself. So I asked a tattoo artist (Daniela Meraki) to help me choose a good machine so I could tattoo myself. The craziest thing is that she warned me not to tattoo myself without her supervision, but I couldn't contain myself! the minute I received the package with the machine gun I proceeded to get tattooed! That was my first approach to what is now the best part of my life.

I uploaded the photo of the tattoo on Facebook and people started asking if it was true that I had tattooed myself. After that, my friends came to get tattooed and I continued practicing in my own body. After a while, when I gained confidence, I began to tattoo people who were interested in my work... Always warning them that I was a newbie.

I was never interested in joining a tattoo studio and thank God I was able to set up my own! where I can offer the world the way I see and feel tattoos: - Tatuajes con amor.

Which tattoo artists are you influenced by?

I declare myself fan of the work of Ghinko, Goldy, Youyeon, Jay Shin, Drag, Mr.k, Sasha and well… many more.

How is your creative process? Do you get to decide/change the original idea/placement of your clients?

Usually my creative process is based on the ideas of the clients, I look for real images and I always try to advise them to do something aesthetic and beautiful. I am fortunate that they always listen to my points of view and almost always I can guide people to locate the tattoo in the place where it has more harmony with the body.

How many tattoos do you give per day?

I always put my appointments 10am, 2pm and 5pm. I usually do at least 3 tattoos a day and maximum 6! I like to take my time in each tattoo however small and "simple" it may be.

What's your opinion on the state of the industry today?

In my opinion, the taste for tattoos grows exponentially every day and the artists also improve the quality and perfection of the art. That makes me happy because every time I realize that I have to improve more and more.

How do you see yourself in 5 years time? Any goals?

In 5 years I would expect to be one of the best minimalist and micro realism tattoo artists in the world, I want to have a bigger private studio full of plants where people can have a much closer experience with nature while being tattooed. My goal in 5 years is to get there dreaming to continue improving in my art.

If someone wants to get tattooed by you, what should they do?

You just have to write me your ideas on DM instagram! and I will be happy to guide you with all my love.

Anything you would like to add that might be interesting for our readers? Any advice to anyone who would like to get a tattoo from you?

I feel and perceive tattoos as a kind of meditation, where the person will always be present in the act of tattooing and the tattoo artist will be focused on his art. The moment you get a tattoo you are not only marking your skin with a beautiful piece! You are also leaving energy and taking a part of the tattoo artist. My advice is to choose the artist who has more affinity with what you want and also an artist who inspires confidence.

Check Juan's Tattoofilter profile to keep up with his work and find his contact info.

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