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Gorgeous Botanical Tattoo Designs by Kate Sv

Kate Sv is a Russian tattoo artist based in New York City. She has developed a particularly delicate style in which a fine realism portrays her tattoos.

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Kate was born in a small town in the Southern Ural Mountains in Russia. She was fond of different types of art since her childhood: sculpture, painting, dancing, music etc., and at the age of 15 she graduated from the School of Art in her native town.

After this fascinating artistic experience, she decided to study architecture at the Ural State Technical University in 2002. In search of new opportunities she moved to Saint Petersburg, major historical and cultural center of Russia, in 2009.

After working for several years as an architect, specialized in civil engineering, she decided to pursue a career in art and moved to San Francisco, CA, and ended up as a full time tattooist. She currently lives and works in New York.

See below a small selection of some of Kateโ€™s botanical tattoos and follow her profile for updates and pictures of new work.

Pretty poppies on the inner forearm.

Gorgeous pink peony tattoo on the calf.

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Elegant red rose tattoo on the hip.

Graphic sunflowers on the ankle.

Lovely freesia tattoo on the back of the left arm.

Superb graphic peony on the inner forearm.

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Splendid flower bouquet on the waist.

Delicate Mimosa Pudica flower on the left inner arm.

Elegant rosemary, thyme, parsley and sage bouquet.

Charming sunflower on the inner arm.

Magnificent spine tattoo of a gorgeous pink peony.

Delightful sage tattoo on the inner forearm.

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